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Jesse James Tribute

The Legend of Jesse James

Jesse James passed away in the early morning hours April 18, 2011. The cause of his death is a mystery. Jesse seemed to be very healthy and well taken care of by Bonnie and Clyde. Even Billy the Kid, Annie Oakley and Pretty Boy Floyd looked after Jesse. Bonnie and Clyde reduced the feedings to all the Owltlaws most likely to get them to venture outside the Hideout and learn to fly and hunt for themselves. Jesse seemed very reluctant to venture much further than the door and sitting on the porch seemed to be his limit.

There is much mystery surrounding Jesse James. Some even believe he was not even Jesse James at all. In the early days, an Owltlaw passed away shorthly after hatching and it was assumed to be Calamity Jane. As time passed, it appeared Jesse was quite smaller than his siblings. It could very well be that Jesse James passed away February 20, 2011, and it was Calamity Jane who survived. This would be consistent with the size difference between the Owltlaws as Calamity Jane hatched four days after Pretty Boy. As we have witnessed, the owlets grow a tremendous amount each day and transform at an astonishing rate. So was it Jesse James or Calamity Jane? We will never know for sure. We will also never know what ultimately caused the death of the fourth Owltlaw. One thing we know for sure is Jesse/Calamity was well loved by many and he/she will be missed.

Witnessing the death of a loved one can be a very sad experience. It is important to remember in these times how beautiful life is. It is a wonderful thing that we are able to witness how beautiful these owls are. The pictures and video that are on these Web pages and others make it possible for us to remember times passed and times to come.