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The little owls were hungry. Daddy owl could not find enough food because of a terrible drought. “I will help you”, said the man with the magic tongs. He climbed the tall ladder that went up to the owl box. Mommy and daddy owl did not know what was happening. They swooped at the man with the magic tongs and tried to scare him away. But the man with the magic tongs was not scared. He opened the door to the owl box. He reached in with his magic tongs and placed the mice where mommy owl could find them and feed the little ones. He said, “here are some delicious mice for you little owls.” The little owls were scared. They had not seen the man with the magic tongs before. The little owls were glad when the man with the magic tongs was gone. When mommy owl returned, she found the mice and fed her babies and herself. The little owls and Mommy owl were very happy and very well fed.

One day, mommy owl left the little owls alone. The little owls were wondering where their mommy was and who would feed them. That night, the man with the magic tongs put mice in the owl box for the little ones to eat. They realized they could eat the mice all by themselves. They were very happy but still missed their mommy and daddy. Later that night, mommy and daddy owl came into the box. They helped themselves to some mice that the man with the magic tongs had left. All the owls were very happy and their tummies were very full.

The Man with the Magic Tongs

By Owlcamguy and Angowleyez

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