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This site provides live video streaming of various species of owls. Owls are carnivores. They hunt, kill and consume small rodents and other small animals. This is nature and contains scenes of the cycle of life which may occur at any time without warning.

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Please visit our chat room where everyone is welcome and encouraged to chat, smile, joke, give observations, and most importantly, have fun! The moderator's job is not to be an owl expert. The moderators are entrusted by the Website host, Owlcamguy, to ensure that chatters feel comfortable in the chat room while adhering to chat room rules and respecting others. Please remember this as you make comments and general observations. Whether you are a veteran owl watcher, or a chatter who has just joined the chat room, your comments and viewpoints affect others in the room. The moderators have full authority to ban chatters as they see fit. Do not appeal to Owlcamguy as he will not respond. Owlcamguy provides this Website for all to enjoy with live video streaming and live chat through donations and personal expense. Please understand that while the primary purpose of the Website is for enjoyment, there are times of great sorrow as we witness the harshness of Nature.

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Beau - September 28th 3:55 am

Scoot - September 29th 10:50 pm

Topper - October 2nd 9:29 am

Beemer - October 4th 7:08 pm

Iggy - October 7th 11:24 pm

With Hans missing, we are providing Didi and the owlets with the food they need to survive. We are monitoring them closely. So far, Didi has adjusted well to the situation as best as we could hope. Jasper, a new male owl, has been very interested in Didi and the Hideout. Jasper has attempted to bond with Didi but she has not accepted him as of yet and may never. There is also another female owl in the area that we will possibly name in the future. We have no idea what is going to happen next with the adult owls. So far, we have not witnessed any aggressive behavior from any of them. There is a lot of uncertainty and any number of scenarios could play out. We are going to keep providing food to the owlets until they fledge. As of now, everything is going well and we do not anticipate any problems. Thanks to everyone for their continued support.

Support Plan

We are fully supporting Didi and the owlets with food. The amount of food will be increasing as the owlets grow.